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PBLife Group + August Water Challenge

August is right around the corner and in our PBLife group, we’ll be spending the 31 days focusing on hydration.

First, let me catch you up on our Facebook group – PBLife. This was originally created for the 2017 Reframe Your Health group – the January challenge focused on building healthy habits around nutrition. I’ve revamped the group so that it will include health tips, recipes, and challenges throughout the year. If you’re not a part of the group yet – you can join us here!

“PB” stands for “Personal Best” (also referred to as “Personal Record”). This term is often used to describe achievements related to athletics/fitness. I once read, “every time you walk in the gym, set a PB.” This doesn’t mean you have to run your longest run or squat your heaviest weight – it means you apply FOCUS and COMMIT to doing something BETTER than before. This doesn’t just apply to the gym. If you applied this idea to your life, how much progress could you make? How different would you and those around you be within just a few days? The group is focused on health and wellness. Together we’ll provide education, support, and accountability as we strive to live every day with a “PB” lifestyle.

To tackle our first challenge of 2018 – we’ll be doing a 31 day water challenge. Starting on Wednesday, August 1st, we’ll set a goal of drinking (at least) 32oz of water. Each week this amount will increase by 8oz, finishing with 64oz daily for the last week of August. In the group there will be water reminders, accountability, support, and additional wellness tips. We’ll continue to host mini-challenges (1 month or less) and provide health tips while building a healthy, supportive community online.

Want to get a glimpse of the August Water Challenge? You can find our printable calendar guide here. We can’t wait to see you in the PBLife Facebook Group!

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