Eat, Think, and Be Merry Holiday Group

I am so excited to announce my first 8-week group program! This group will take place online in a private Facebook group from November 5th – Dec 31st. There are so many people who worry about gaining weight during the holidays and the holidays should be about spending time with family, friends, celebrating the past year and getting energized for the next one. This is not a weight loss group. This group will be focused on weight management, healthy eating habits for any body type or goals, and practicing positive thinking and kindness to yourself. If weight loss is your goal, that does not mean it won’t happen, but it will not be our focus. The skills and information you receive in the group can be supportive of this.

Over the course of the 8 weeks, we will meet for a live session on Wednesdays at 8pm. The topic of focus will be around nutrition and mindset with a theme and skill to practice for the week. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and receive support. If you cannot attend the live sessions, no worries – they’ll be available for replay and I’ll catch up on any questions once you’ve had the opportunity to watch. You’ll also receive cooking and planning tips, recipes, and have access to a group of supportive individuals looking to keep the holidays as happy and healthy as you. Participants will be able to enjoy the foods they LOVE during the holidays, build confidence around their nutrition choices, and enter the new year stress and guilt free.

Cost: $97

Course Outline:
Nov 7th
Hunger Cues & All-Or-Nothing Mindset
Nov 14th
Healthy Eating Habits
Nov 21st
Nutrient Education & Gauging Progress
Nov 28th
Trigger Foods & How We Talk Impacts How We Think
Dec 5th
Enjoying the BEST treats & Improving Our Choices
Dec 12th
Planning for Holiday Parties & Anticipating Obstacles
Dec 19th
The Scarcity Principle & Challenging Our Thoughts
Dec 26th
Goal-Setting & Planning for the Upcoming Year

Have a question? Ready to sign up? Click the picture below for either and I’ll be in touch soon!