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Pomegranates: A Trick For This Treat

Pomegranates can be a bit intimidating if you’re not familiar with them. Here’s how to cut them without it looking like a murder scene.


1. Cut off the crown of the pomegranate.  If you cut too low, it might get messy, but if you cut too high you won’t be able to see the partitions of the fruit.

2. Look for the partitions in the fruit where there appears to be no seeds.  Begin making cuts in the sides of the pomegranate where the partitions are located.


3. Crack open the pomegranate with your hands and you can begin to pluck out the seeds.  Placing the fruit in a bowl of water can also help release the seeds easily.

4. Store in the refrigerator in a sealed container for up to 5 days or freeze them.

Pomegranate Facts:

-1 cup of seeds: 144 calories, 7 grams of fiber

-Great source of Vitamin C and Potassium

-Anti-inflammatory properties


Pomegranates take a bit of work, but are so worth it!  I love eating them as a snack by themselves, but there are plenty of ways to add these to recipes. What’s your favorite way to eat pomegranate seeds?

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