Program Overview


img_73301Step 1: Initial Phone Consultation  This free 10-minute strategy call is your first step toward change! With this first phone call, we’ll discuss what you want to achieve and what has been holding you back. You’re looking for coaching, so it’s a time for us to discuss how we’re going to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Step 2: Complete forms  I need to have an accurate picture of where you are now in order to plan the best steps to meet your goals and help you stay on track.  With these forms, it is a judgement free zone! Please be honest and as accurate as possible.

Comprehensive Information Questionnaire -This form is for those new to exercise, not currently exercising regularly, or adding an exercise or personal training package

Condensed Information Questionnaire – Condensed option is for those who have been exercising consistently (at least 3 days/week) for the past 3 months

Kitchen Makeover Questionnaire

Three Day Food Log – You may use this form or you may use an app such as My Fitness Pal or FatSecret Calorie Counter.

Step 3: Comprehensive Consultation & Planning  Within 48 hours of receiving your forms and food log, I will review them and schedule our comprehensive consultation. During this time, I’ll gather additional information about your lifestyle, routine, and goals. We’ll also decide on measurements for tracking progress which may include weight checks, body composition measurements, performance assessments, and/or photos. These trackers will depend on your individual goals and personal preferences. We will also use this time to discuss outcome goals and develop a realistic timeline for achieving these goals in the healthiest manner possible. Together, we’ll discuss the three types of strategic plans and I’ll make a recommendation for a starting place.

  • Healthy Habits – This is designed for someone who’s interested in improving their health through weight loss with the simplest steps possible. This plan is great for starting out and is focused on developing healthy habits that you can maintain for life. This is a sustainable approach, designed for the everyday person who wants to develop a healthier lifestyle without calorie counting.
  • Template Approach – This is designed for those who are ready to initiate tracking their nutrition intake through a calorie approach. This is the closest program to providing a meal plan, without actually providing a meal plan. You will have an outline of your food intake for meals and utilize a template to pick and choose the food options you’d like. Individually, we’ll look at the foods you like and discuss how they can be added to your template, making your template unique to you and your lifestyle. This plan is a great for breaking through plateaus or easing into a more detailed approach of calorie counting, like flexible dieting / macronutrient tracking.
  • Macronutrient Tracking / Flexible Dieting – This is the most advanced option with a focus on details. This is designed for someone who has established healthy habits and practices in their daily routine and is interested in utilizing a calorie/macronutrient tracker to fine-tune their nutrition intake. You will receive an individual daily calorie goal, macronutrient (protein, fat, carbohydrate) goal, and fiber goal. Through coaching, you’ll learn how to accurately track these nutrients by weighing and measuring your food, and logging in a tracking app. Your plan will be individualized for you by your current body composition, activity level and type, and goals.

Each of these plans are progressions with more detail and focus. An individual may progress through these plans as they become more comfortable and routine with their healthy habits and/or want an additional level of focus toward their goals. You’ll leave the consultation with 1 or 2 nutrition tasks to focus on until our next check-in.

Step 4: Weekly Online Check-Ins Each week, on a date decided between you and I, you’ll submit a check-in form online. A sample can be found here: Weekly Check-In Sample. The form is designed to get a snapshot of how your current plan is going and gauge progress using the predetermined trackers discussed during the comprehensive consultation. Through your responses, I’ll assess your plan, help troubleshoot any past or upcoming obstacles, and advise if any changes should be made for the upcoming week. I will respond with these recommendations via email within 24 hours of receipt of your completed form. I’ll also include any additional resources that would be helpful (meal ideas, blank meal planning log, grocery ideas, etc). If you have any questions about the recommendations, we can coordinate via phone call to ensure you have a good plan for the upcoming week. These check-ins will continue on a weekly basis, making changes and improvements with your tasks, until your goal is reached. These check-ins are the “bread and butter” of nutrition coaching, where you have a professional resource to keep you on-track and ensure your goals are met.