1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Initial Phone Consultation (10 minutes)– Briefly discuss current nutrition/exercise habits and goals for progress, introduce service packages and program to see if it’s right for you, review forms for completion before comprehensive consultation


First Month Start Up

-First month includes:

    • comprehensive consultation (60 minutes) – Review assessment forms and food log; discuss and identify outcome goals; discuss measurements for tracking progress and frequency of measurements; leave with template meal guide and 1-2 nutrition tasks to focus on until our next check-in
  • and three (3) online check-ins – Each week, on a date decided between you and I, you’ll submit a check-in form online. A sample can be found here: Weekly Check-In Sample. Through your responses, I’ll assess your plan, help troubleshoot any past or upcoming obstacles, and advise if any changes should be made for the upcoming week. I will respond with these recommendations via email within 24 hours of receipt of your completed form. I’ll also include any additional resources such as meal ideas, meal planning tips, and grocery ideas. These check-ins are the “bread and butter” of nutrition coaching, where you have a professional resource to keep you on-track and ensure your goals are met.

First Month Start-Up: $145

After 1st Month – continue weekly check-ins: $99/month

Corporate Wellness

Seminar – Available for corporate seminars focused on implementing habits to improve health and overall wellness.

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